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Brewing A Greener Future - 1 Million Planted

1 million planted

129,000K trees planted to date.

Canadian Heritage Roasting Company has always had an affinity towards conservation and environmental stewardship – a connection to the wild places that ignited our passion to build the company we are today. In our pursuit of positive and lasting change, we have implemented many internal and external programs that put into motion a forward momentum towards betterment and awareness. While these programs have shaped who we are, we desired to create a movement that would define where we are going…

1 Million Planted is an all-encompassing goal that houses and fuels all of our stewardship programs. It allows us to create initiatives outside of our Buy A Bag = Plant A Tree Program and expands into all facets of the business. 1 Million Planted will be used to encourage collaboration opportunities as well as allow us to aid other environmental issues within our ecosystem. As a small business we understand the profound effect many small steps towards a larger goal can make – so for now, we walk towards planting 1 Million Trees by 2030.


Buy A Bag = Plant A Tree

Your coffee shouldn’t just taste good, it should do good.

 We know there are more than just a few choices when it comes to your morning cup of joe, but shouldn’t your coffee be more than coffee? Conservation and environmental stewardship is at the heart of everything we do – as avid outdoorsmen we as a company pride ourselves in our vision to Fuel your outdoor pursuits while conserving our Wild places.

So how are we taking action?

Buy A Bag = Plant A Tree Program:

We aspire for lasting change, so why not work to see that change in our own backyard. Partnering with companies like Veritree, Blue Green Planet Project, Tree Era and Summit Reforestation we have had a direct impact and involvement in reforestation in Canada and beyond. With the help of our wholesale partners, organizations and customers like you, we have planted over 101,00 trees – the goal, 1 million by 2030!

2 % For Conservation: We are beyond proud to be the first
and only Canadian coffee roaster to be 2 % For Conservation Certified. This certification means that we will donate at least 1% of our revenue and 1% of our time to conservation programs. Have a program that you need support with? Reach out as we are always looking to take part in impactful initiatives that better our shared environment.

Brewing A Greener Future

See How we are taking steps towards our goal of planting 1 million trees

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