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Our Wholesale Coffee Services

Company Collaborations

We have collaborated with some of the best companies in Calgary and it is a founding value of CHRC. If you are cooking something up and want CHRC to be apart of it please do not hesitate to reach out! We are always willing to go the extra mile to create lasting memories. 

Resturant Coffee Service

Since 2015 CHRC has been helping restaurants and cafes successfully implement quality, experiential, and one-of-a-kind coffee programs and offerings. We offer tailored training programs for all food service clients. Being strong believers in education and quality we will assist in flow, design and setup, delivering a flawless execution. Contact us below to hear how CHRC can help you create an unforgettable coffee experience. 

Grocery Coffee Programs

We are so excited that more retailers are striving to get high quality, freshly roasted, local coffee on their store shelves. We currently retail our coffee's in over 200 grocery retailers across Canada. We need your help to say farewell to the days of old, bitter, stale, and flavourless coffee being sold on store shelves.If you are a retailer looking to spice things up and bring something exciting, new, and delicious to your shelves please stop reading and contact us now!

Office Coffee Solutions

If you are currently reading this from your office desk and are wondering why you a) are procrastinating and b) have terrible coffee in your office, well.... Now is the time for you to make that needed change and inject some life into your fellow coworkers. Ruffle some feathers, find the right person to talk too, and make the change! Your office will thank you later. We offer incredible coffee selections at skookum prices. Your bosses will also thank you due to guaranteed increases in productivity and team bonding at the local watering hole (Coffee Pot). What are you waiting for? Contact us now!

Private / White Label Coffees and Toll Roasting

We have helped numerous clients over the years from creating one of a kind wedding favours to corporate Christmas gifts. Please contact us below with any idea you have and we will work our hardest to turn your dream into reality.If you are looking to start up your own coffee company or simply need more roasting capacity, look no further. At CHRC we have state of the art roasting equipment and best practices when it comes to perfecting that roast. We have the experience and ability to source, roast, package, and redistribute.

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Want to work together? Please send us any questions you have - alternativly, you can email us at: